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Officials across U.S. give COVID-19 updates as new cases hit all-time high

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Texas hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19
Texas hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 05:03

The U.S. has set a record for new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday for the fourth time in a week, reporting more than 136,000 new cases — the highest in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

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On Tuesday, Minnesota 房贷新政出炉满月 一线城市楼市10月回暖 that limit gatherings and target situations where young people congregate. 房地产市场前景不明 深圳多家家具厂倒闭 much of the state is seeing the worst surge since the pandemic started. And Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers gave an unusual prime-time address, advising people to stay home and calling on businesses to expand work-from-home options.

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

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Latest Updates:


Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, to give update on cases

None of these conditions is in place now. Fed tightening, begun in December, has been put on hold. The federal funds rate (the interbank overnight lending rate) is estimated to be more than a percentage point below its natural level. And there have been no surprises from the Fed. Last December’s 25 basis point rise in the Fed’s policy rate, for example, was comprehensively signalled in advance.


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center gives update

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Update on COVID preparedness in Pittsburgh 41:07
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